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Catalyst or Crutch?

I thoroughly enjoy taking personality tests. More adequately understanding myself and others is something I deem quite beneficial, especially since I interact with a lot of different types of people on a…

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The Slip

The Slip

By now, I’m sure you know that our entire state (South Carolina) has seen some extreme weather. We have been inundated with water, and the effects of such are devastating in many…

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Becoming Mary Magdalene

Yesterday I was privileged to teach the Ladies Bible Class about Mary Magdalene. It was such an interesting study, and I wanted to share a few of my findings with you today.…

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Doctor Who

Jesus and Doctor Who

To say I am a Doctor Who fan is quite the understatement. I have a Tardis sticker on my car as well as a Doctor Who-themed license plate. My house shoes are…

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Shouting Sin

The #shoutyourabortion campaign has been going strong for a few days now, and there have been lots of posts floating around on the internet with thoughts from every side. I am not…

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5 Tips for Having a Thankful Heart

In our culture, we reserve our thankfulness for the month of November. During that time, you’ll likely see an overwhelming amount of Facebook posts titled “Today I’m thankful for…” and then a…

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ALL To Jesus I Surrender?

One of my favorite hymns (and consequently one of the most tear-inducing hymns) is All To Jesus I Surrender. Each time we sing this song, I find myself quite emotional, mostly because…

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A Truly Transformative Tuesday

Last Tuesday, I was looking back on my past via the TimeHop app and I saw it: a beautiful picture of the Duomo in Florence, Italy that I’d taken 7 years ago. It…

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I’m Not Always Right

It’s really hard to admit it, but I’m not always right. If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that one of my favorite phrases is “I’m always right.” Most of the…

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Are You Imitation Worthy?

Philippians is an oft-quoted book. Be it having the mind of Christ (2:5), learning contentment (4:11), not complaining (2:14) or relying on prayer (4:6-7), Christians seek wisdom from the book of Philippians…

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