Stop and Praise

Stop and Praise

Today is a crazy day. Between preheating and parade-watching, Christmas decorating and crowd dodging, somewhere in there is Thanksgiving. Mostly, it’s hidden away or rushed over, our true excitement somewhere else. Maybe…

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Why I Won’t Have a #WCW

One of the most searched for phrases that leads people to my website is “what is man crush monday?”. Twitter and Instagram have made the hashtags #mcm and #wcw quite popular, and…

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God Said No

God Said No, So We Can Too!

The scene in Gethsemane is one that I visit often. On Sunday mornings especially, I reflect on the sacrifice of my Savior, dying a painful, gruesome, humiliating death of a criminal, even…

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my 3-17 jourey

My 3:17 Journey

There are a lot of passages throughout God’s inspired Word that challenge me. On nearly a daily basis, I find some verse or some chapter that completely steps on my toes and makes…

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life and death

Life and Death

2 Corinthians 5 may be one of my new favorite chapters in the Bible. The entire passage is filled with numerous lessons that I need on a daily basis, most especially how…

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make a (1)

Make a Joyful Noise

I have been recovering from a sinus infection and bronchitis. I thought that after a week or so of antibiotics and other over the counter drugs that I was doing pretty well.…

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Let it Go (1)

Let It Go (Frozen Hearts Edition)

We live in the time of exes – especially those of us who are in our twenties and thirties. Our hearts have been damaged by dating gone wrong. But, it’s not just…

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Untitled design

Feeling Blessed

Last month, The Light Network spent an entire month dedicated to raising awareness of the darkness that is domestic violence, and all that that darkness is doing in American families, and sadly,…

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Why Do I  Love God-

Why Do I Love God?

A year or so ago, I posted an article about why I love my Savior, Jesus. It has become a popular post for people to find during a google search, which always…

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it ends with me

It Ends With Me

Isaiah 53 has always been a favorite passage of mine. From the moment I first read it, I was captivated by the description of my Lord. Since my discovery, the text has…

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