An Aversion to Sin

I never really understood aversions until this whole pregnancy thing happened. But when I found out we were expecting a little one, it didn’t take very long for the aversions to set in, due to all-day nausea. Well, all day seems unfair. Let’s say 85% of every day of the last 4 weeks I’ve felt totally nauseated. But a full 100% of the time, food has seemed like the enemy. Completely gross. A total turn off.

This has never been the case for me. I have always liked to eat, especially sweets. My mom will attest to the fact that she used to know I was sick if I wouldn’t eat ice cream. That made things serious. Same can be said of my up-til-pregnancy life. I would never turn down something sweet! But now?? Ice cream makes me gag. Sweets disgust me. At least, for the current phase of my life. I’m sure I’ll go back to liking sweets once I’m not pregnant — maybe even once I’m out of the first trimester! But for now, please don’t ask me if I want cake or ice cream or chocolate or anything of the sort. I don’t. At all. Pregnancy changed me.

As Christians, we are justified. We are cleansed of our past sins and told to walk in newness of life. We were once sinners; completely enthralled by a life lived in unrighteousness. We might have partaken in any number of sins, and thoroughly enjoyed them. That was the case for the Corinthian Christians, wasn’t it? In 1 Corinthians 6, we read that they used to be fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, drunkards, thieves. They had enjoyed partaking in sin, but verse 11 tells us that once they were washed, they let those things go. Those weren’t the things that they craved anymore.

When we become Christians, our tastes change. While we might once have been involved in certain things…enjoyed certain things…been drawn to certain things…life is different now. Life is new. Just as pregnancy is a whole-body transformation, so Christianity is a whole-life transformation. Every part of who we used to be died, and we are now living for Christ — magnifying Him in our bodies.

But let’s go back to the aversions, shall we?

You see, sometimes, as a Christian, I claim that I don’t want to be involved in sin, and yet I’m not turned off by sin. Before I was pregnant, I barely realized this was a thing. And yet now, it makes all the sense in the world. I am not as turned off by sin as I am food. I am not sickened by it. It doesn’t repulse me. And that, my friends, is a shame. Because sin is what made my Savior hang on the cross. Sin is what separated me from my God. Sin is responsible for all of the heartache and pain associated with this life. Sin has taken my loved ones and yours. Sin has broken relationships. Sin should be totally and completely disgusting to me! And yet, sadly, it’s not.

If it was, I wouldn’t be tempted to excuse things that God deems abominable. If it was, I wouldn’t do anything on my own accord, but would ask what God’s will was (for my body, for my worship, for my marriage, for my life). If sin was completely disgusting to me, I wouldn’t turn to it when no one is looking. I wouldn’t laugh at it on TV or in movies or in song lyrics. I definitely wouldn’t participate in it.

And so, let’s all strive to have sin aversion. Because really, what’s grosser and more detestable than sin? Nothing should be. But the only way it will be a total aversion is if Christ has completely filled our hearts. If we aren’t turned off by sin, we need to reexamine what’s living in our hearts.

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  1. I am so very excited to learn that you and Robert are expecting!!! With joy and thanksgiving I will definitely be praying for you both as you have started this precious adventure of parenthood. As usual Emily, you do an amazing job taking things in everyday life and making such wonderful and practical spiritual application! Thank you for this post. May we all have a huge sin aversion!


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