Because You’re the Preacher’s Wife…

I have heard it said, multiple times, that I can’t do ____ because I’m a preacher’s wife.

The latest instance was that I couldn’t be expected to lie to someone because I was the preacher’s wife. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that people know that I won’t lie about something. I’m also glad that they think highly of my morals. They understand what I’m about. But is it because I’m the preacher’s wife? Not at all.It takes me back to college. When Robert and I first started dating, people would say, “But I can’t see you as a preacher’s wife.” I’m not too sure what that meant, but it was utterly insulting. I’m not the kind of person who could uplift a preacher? I’m not the kind of person who could live a life devoted to God? I didn’t really understand. I came to realize, though, that most people meant that they just didn’t really see my personality as one of a preacher’s wife. Well, ok.

But I am. I am a preacher’s wife, regardless of my personality. I am here to encourage my husband, live in a glass house with a revolving door, and do whatever else may be required of me as the wife of the preacher. But do I do all of these things—do I live this lifestyle—because I’m the preacher’s wife? Of course not!

I am called to live as Christ just as every other Christian is. I am called to be a good wife, mother, sister, member of Christ’s body and daughter of God. I’m called to be modest, pure, holy, chaste, gentle, meek…not because I am a preacher’s wife, but because I am God’s. I am called to be at every service, called to be an encourager, called to pour out my life to God not because I am the preacher’s wife, but because I am a member of Christ’s body.

I’m not perfect, and I know that I never will be. And when I fail, I want your help. I want your encouragement. I want you to help me be better. Not because I’m in the “public eye” as the preacher’s wife, but because I am a child of the King and I want to get to heaven. If I’ve done or am doing something wrong, I want to know because I want to be better at being His, not better at being the preacher’s wife.

I am beyond blessed to be where I am. I know that God knew how much help I needed, and knew that if I weren’t in the position where people watched me, I might not strive so hard to be the best that I could be for Him. But I pray that I don’t try so hard because of who my husband is, but that I try as hard as I can because of who my Father is. And I pray that we’ll all have that attitude.

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  1. May God help us all to have this very attitude every day toward ourselves and encourage others to do the same! Thank you Emily for helping us to have the correct attitude toward how we live and conduct ourselves and why!


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