Election Year Issues

*This isn’t meant to spark debate. This is strictly an opinion piece. You are entitled to your own opinion (Rom. 14) and I will not bind mine on you and you should not bind yours on anyone else, either.*

In a few years, my daughter will be old enough to understand social issues. In the moment that she asks me about the election that changed America, what will I tell her? For whom did I give my consent? Which candidate did I back? Will I have the opportunity to tell her about the issues I support, or will the majority of the time be spent defending wrong attitudes and behaviors? These questions are shaping my vote, because I want my daughter to be proud of her mother. More than that, I want my Father to be proud of His daughter.

How could I tell my precious baby girl that I voted for someone who would have given me the right to murder her? Who says she didn’t have the right to live while she was inside of me…that she didn’t have any rights at all? How could I tell my baby girl that I voted for someone who consistently lies and has publicly defended those who would hurt children like her?

How could I tell my precious baby girl that I voted for someone who thinks it’s humorous to treat women like they’re objects? How could I tell her that I stamped my approval on a candidate that speaks crudely toward women and openly mocks the disabled? How could I tell her that I voted for someone who makes it seem like it’s ok for her to be raped by man so long as he’s famous?

I whole-heartedly believe we need good Supreme Court Justice picks, but I also know that none of us can predict whether that will happen or not. However, I am not willing to sell my vote to immorality just for the might-be-possible option of a slightly more moral Justice pick.  But listen – in so doing, I am not voting for the “other” candidate. I am voting my conscience; voting for my daughter. She will grow up as I did – disagreeing with politicians and policies because she is in the world but not of it. But hopefully, prayerfully, she will grow up knowing that her mother stands for something…that her mother stands behind the Almighty King of Kings and that there is no need to fear what government we live in subjection to. Regardless of who is president, Jesus is still Lord and our citizenship is still in heaven. I refuse to cast my vote for the “lesser of two evils” because a little evil is still evil, a little sin is still sin.

You can vote for whomever you want. I don’t think it’s sinful to vote or not vote, to vote for a Democrat or to vote for a Republican. However, I know that for me, it is sinful to put my support behind open defiance. It is sinful for my conscience to stand behind someone who claims they need no forgiveness from God. Do what you will, but please, stop shaming people on Facebook and other social media platforms. Vote how you want to vote, but stop trying to sell your candidate to others. In doing so, you may do irreparable damage for the cause of Christ after the election is over.


  1. I will vote but I’m not spending any time, money or energy on either of the main candidates. They don’t deserve it and like you said it would be sinful to back someone as defiant as they both are. What a divisive election this has been. It’s very sad and disturbing. I am so glad I have eternal hope though.


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