One for the Record Books

This has been the most life-changing year I’ve ever had. In 2016, Robert and I bought a house, survived 21 weeks of morning sickness, and had our precious little girl. While I have seen 4 am a lot more than in previous years, I have also been privileged to see the goodness of God on a regular basis as I look into my sweet baby’s eyes. Long nights, yes. Long days, for sure. But the weeks and months are super quick, as I’ve turned around and have an almost six-month old! 2016 has been one for the books, and I wouldn’t change it at all.

As I reflect on this year, I see God in every avenue of my life.

God provides

This year, we have a new home, a generous family (both physical and spiritual), supportive friends, and good health. Our God has given us a better-than-imaginable group of brothers and sisters at North Charleston who love us so well, an amazing doctor to help me and Anna through the first days of her life, and friends who make us better and make life easier and more enjoyable.

God delivers

I was mildly terrified of childbirth, and yet God delivered our little girl safely into the world. I had a normal pregnancy with only mild discomfort by comparison. We have a beautiful, happy, contented, smiling, adorable baby girl who is thriving. We have been given help and support and love and grace in the new roles that we find ourselves in. We have had some heartbreaks and discouragements along the way, but our God has seen and is seeing us through them all.

God is so good

Health, prosperity, safety, and friendship are all wonderful blessings, but the greatest gift of all is the grace God has given us. Becoming a parent has shown me so many weaknesses and shortcomings in myself, yet God has granted me more time to turn from sin and turn to Him. God has given me a wonderful, patient, understanding husband to help me, rebuke me, comfort me, and encourage me. God has given His beautiful, perfect, sinless Son to die on the cross for me…for my husband…for my baby girl…for you. He is so, so good to us.

If you’ve neglected the great gift of God’s Son this year, resolve to change that. Give yourself over to God’s glorious grace. Turn to Him and conform your life to His will. Living life for Christ is the best life possible. He truly makes it an abundant life (John 10:10). If you have questions, please ask! I would love to talk to you about why I do what I do and why I believe what I believe.


It is my prayer that I can use as much time as God gives me to do His will in the coming year. I want to teach my baby girl all about Him. I want to show the love of Christ to those around me. I want to love my husband better. I want to study more and give my all in praise to our Lord. I my whole life to be about His business. I know I have failed in these areas in 2016, but I will continually aim to do and be better, because our God deserves the very best we can give. While I will never be perfect, I am thankful He accepts faithfulness.

Thank you for bearing with my writing hiatus this year as I’ve been figuring out mommy-hood. Thank you for your positive comments and love on social media, for listening to my podcasts, and for reaching out with words of encouragement. It has been a great year, a life-changing year, but 2017 is bound to be even better because I will get to bask in the beauty of God’s love and share that with a precious little soul He’s entrusted to my care.

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