Alienated: A Christian in a “Christian” Nation

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been writing regularly for over a year. Maybe it’s because every week affords a new controversy to ponder. Maybe it’s because I am so incredibly tired of the sin that is permeating our society and my Facebook feed. Whatever it is – here’s a list. An A list, actually.

I am afraid for the innocent children who are likely afraid right now; terrified that they may be deported because their parents brought them here illegally before they had the opportunity to choose how they came here. I am afraid for the people who claim Christ and shut their doors and hearts and borders to people who were created in His image.

I am ashamed of brothers and sisters who would claim Christ as Lord, yet boast in an earthly ruler’s immoral decisions and attitudes. I am ashamed that these people are leaving a bad taste in the mouths of those in the world…a bad taste for Jesus, their only hope for eternal salvation.

I am aggravated that the same people who were so outspoken about how “evil” Hilary Clinton was are not speaking out about the actual evil that is white supremacy and racism. I am aggravated that my newsfeed was filled with post after post after post about election issues, and when real, hurtful, harmful, sinful issues emerge, my newsfeed is silent. Eerily, shamefully silent.

I am angry that so many do such ungodly things in the name of Christ. I am angry that people touted President Trump as the Christian’s only choice, instead of touting Christ as Lord of all! I am angry that those same people are not denouncing his misdeeds and words and actions and apathy.

I am appalled at the lack of compassion from those who claim to follow the God of compassion. The recent DACA decision, the LGBTQ community, anyone who doesn’t agree with what they say. We must, must, must have compassion. Christ saw a lost and hopeless world and had compassion on them…on us…and came to earth to save us. As His people, we must have that same compassion if we want to reach anyone who is lost.  No, we cannot celebrate or condone sin, but we cannot be calloused bigots, either.

I am apologetic to those who have been mistreated by people who look like me or are from similar places as me or who claim the same religion as mine. If you have been mistreated, regardless of the why’s and how’s, I am so sorry. God loves you and He alone heals wounds. Please don’t judge Him based on imperfect people, myself included.

I am alienated from a Republican party that I was raised to align myself with. While I haven’t come out and said it before, I did not vote for President Trump, at any point in this crazy thing, and I am proud of that decision more and more every day. I do not want to be aligned with anyone or anything that goes against any part of my commitment to God. Being hateful, mocking the disabled, mistreating innocents, lacking compassion…that’s not me. I don’t want any part of it. While I will respect the office and always respect the law, I will not excuse sin in an office that was given by our sinless God. Yes, President Trump is every American’s president, but maybe don’t push your party on people and instead, show them your Savior. And if your party affiliation would cause your brother to stumble, you should give it up for the sake of unity and edification.

Finally, I am against sin. Sinful attitudes. Racism. Taking innocent life. Demeaning people instead of simply denouncing their sin. As a Christian, if you’re reading this, please take the time to think before you post to Facebook. Think about what your posts will say to your brother or sisters of a different race. Think about what your posts will say to someone who is looking to you as an example of Jesus. Think about what your posts will say to a watching world, bent on controversy. Will that post will show them that you love others above your opinions? Or will they see that you’re more confrontational than Christlike?

The Bible is clear: our words matter (Ephesians 4:29). They define us (Matthew 15:11,18) . We will give an account for every single one (Matthew 12:26). What you say and portray online says more about your heart than you may care to admit (Matthew 12:34-35), but the Lord is a discerner of our thoughts and He will judge us accordingly.

Think before you talk. Pray before you post. Love before you lash out.

I love the church. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. I love the lost. I love illegal immigrants and homosexuals and people of every race and occupation. I am grateful to be American and thankful to God for His rich blessings toward me today and every day. I just want to be pleasing to Him, living in the world but not being of it. I don’t want to be comfortable here; calloused by the temporal instead of clinging to the eternal.


  1. It’s such a confusing time for our country. I too am ashamed of the Republican party. It looks nothing like the party I grew up with either. I am very disappointed in many things that have come out of Washington and all that entails since the election was over. I pray for our country and for our President. I am conflicted in how I think things are going because on one hand I think our President is negligent and disrespectful in how he chooses to communicate with Americans (i.e. his Twitter account and posts). But then I SEE him and his administration visiting with people affected by the tragic hurricane and see him kissing children of all races and embracing them. Then I see him holding prayer in the Oval Office and I am happy to see that compared to no Christianity at all over the past 8 years. I don’t know what to make of it all because it contradicts itself on a daily basis. So I just pray….and I don’t post stuff about it. I am so done with all of that!

  2. I agree with a lot of what you said, Emily, but I am not sure you saw the complete interaction wherein some of the media and some of those who share on FB showed just a tiny bit of the interaction wherein they say President Trump, (who wasn’t yet president, but was a candidate at the time of the broadcast
    ) mocked a disabled person. A more complete version of this scene was later on FB showing he was not making fun of a disabled person, but by showing only a fraction of what happened and not the more complete version, it made it look like he was mocking a disabled person. I so agree with thinking before talking, praying before posting. It seems out of control and hurtful and certainly not always true.

  3. Thank-you for expressing my feelings exactly, has a 59 year old Christian women I never seen so many excuses made for a Presidents bad behavior, truly disappointing.


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